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Holy Shit! Back Again!

2011-08-10 11:56:38 by Zoidz

Haha, I made this account when I was barely 12 years old. Well, I am actually 14 now and this is two years later. But, I am thinking about going back to this old account, even though I already have a new account that's already in Level 7. I only came back here because just to forgive the problems I gave to users long time ago. I didn't mean to anyway I was only 12 and immature!

Also, I'm thinking about taking off the little 'z' at the end of my name. I always wanted just "Zoid" but I was a taken inactive account. Hopefully I can get the name to be change now...

But, anyways I hope new hope will shine onto this account, that will be pleasent.

I'm back.

2011-02-28 18:26:02 by Zoidz

I'm back, and you want to know why? Check out my deviantART page to see me story.


Lessons Learned

2010-01-03 16:00:10 by Zoidz

Well, I made lots of mistakes over the months, and I kind of do regret those mistakes, I wished I can go back and fix all the mistake on a site called Newgrounds, and just forget about it forever. But that is definitely impossible.

First thing first, before I tell my lessons learns. And i have to get it off my chest, I was actually 12 years old when I join Newgrounds, and my 13th birthday was last November. When I first Newgrounds I had an account named "UltimaRed", but it turned out that the account was a failure, because I brought a bunch of flame-wars. Then, I made an account named "Zoidz", it was a little successful, but a few people flamed on me. Since I was tired of that, I decided to leave Newgrounds all together last summer.

Any a big lesson learned from this is to just be careful of what you post on Newgrounds BBS, I love the site though, (And I still do) but they are not that much nice people their. Though, they are still nicer people waiting to befriend you.

Another important lesson that I learned is about making Art-Story thread. (Art-Story thread, is a type of art thread where post the starting picture, and someone has to draw what happens next.) Anyone can make an Art-Story thread but, if you want to make one yourself, you would need to remind yourself, to tone the randomness down a little, or actually, a lot! OKAY. maybe a tiny bit a randomness makes the thread funny. (i.e. As you open your school locker a ton of peanut brittle falls out, and it tumbles over you) But, if post a lot random things, it will ruined the quality of the art-story thread. (i.e. As you fixing your friends' argument at your house, all of a sudden A giant whale with a party hat crashes into your window. And he wants throw a huge birthday party in your room, along with his underwater friends; Can you see what's wrong with that!?) I am only saying this, because I did the exact same thing, with an art-story thread, entitled the "The Never Ending Story 1&2". I actually, thought the thread was fun, along with other users who were glad to contribute. But, somehow other users just hated it, and panned it all the time (Which I regret as well). My only great guess why, is that fact that that the thread had too much randomness in it. Like I said, sometimes getting random can be funny, but a little too much will ruined it all together.

For Christmas, I got a Bamboo Pen tablet. And I love it! I am actually happy to have it to draw my artwork, instead of that terrible mouse used to draw art. I am already starting to practice on it, and hopefully my artwork would gradually improve better than before I had the tablet.

So overall, I regret all of my mistakes I made, and my lessons have been learned. Once again, I do wished to fix my mistakes, but I will be impossible. But hey, you what say, just forget about the past and look forward to a bright future. I still like Newgrounds, and the Art Forum, my favorite thread there was "The Huge Freakin' House Adventure" by chrisseh-chan. It was awesome, until some people ruined it, (Possibly including me, but I not sure.) and it was locked by a mod. But, I really want that thread to get another chance, so someday, when I am willing I will persuade the mod to give it one more chance, because I really want to see if I actually improved. I am not that sure if I will fully returned to Newgrounds as Zoidz, but if not, I will still visit Newgrounds to play games and watch movies, I will visit the forums, and I will especially visit the Art Forums/Portal to see the wonderful artwork people contribute. But, if I do return, I will return in a new form. This is all I will write for this entry, I will still be on to post artwork, and hopefully I will connect to my old friends I met on Newgrounds.

Until Then,
MasterZoid :)

P.S. Hey Dexter3000!

I am leaving the Art Forum... (Happy Clock Day!)

2009-08-15 13:42:38 by Zoidz

First of all, Happy Clock Day! It's good to celebrate the day of the legendary Clock Crew!

But yeah, I am leaving the Art Forum because I can't handle this shit anymore. Certain People keep calling me failure that I can't handle it anymore. I am sure you guys can handle The Never Ending Journey 2 yourself*, while it last...

I know had made mistakes at the Art Forum, but when I come back, I will be a little more better.

JoeTheToucan, if you are reading this right now, and you're thinking "Yay, I won, that Zoid kid is leaving", then that's good for you. I don't know why you are always in a pessimist mood, and you are always complaining and irritating me, but you have to stop. Maybe you had a bad childhood, I don't know. You had made lot's of other people depressed by your little rude comments, which make them feel the same way as me right now. Those people are probably proud about their artwork, but you are just ruining for them by your mean comment like "your art sucks", "your a fag, get off the get off the Internet", etc. So, if you're happy about me leaving the Art Forum, then good. Because I don't fucking care.

Au revoir.

(* I am probably going to pick a person to be charge of the thread, though I am not sure who.)

Am I that "bad"?

2009-07-24 15:03:13 by Zoidz

I am still terryfied on what happen last January on the Big House Adventure thread thingy. Especially when I recieved that PM threat by GOTHtheDEATHBRINGER.

I thought that was all over and forgotten, but still I can tell that some people on the forums critize me.

And now MeMB is striking on me as well. (And what he said there, was also completely ridicolous, since he was complaining and whining about how TNEJ2 is "boring" and "lame")

So guys, do you think I'm an alright guy, or a failure here? Because I do have a feeling that people think I ruin things on the forum, and I just want to know your opinion on me.

Thanks, Zoidz.

Also: Check out the TNEJ2 if you want, I might have someone to make it an flash art collab, Zelldoom PM'ed me some cool flash ideas.

"Big Thing" realeased!

2009-07-10 17:56:57 by Zoidz

Yep, you can check it out!


Don't Worry

2009-07-01 14:51:39 by Zoidz

The "Big thing" is coming. I am sorry I didn't put it in Newgrounds yesterday. A big mistake occur into it, so I had to fix it. So, I am very sorry I am keeping you waiting, but don't worry it's almost done. :)

Don't Worry

"Big Thing" Postponed/TNEJ Flash Collab!

2009-06-27 22:15:11 by Zoidz

I am moving this big "surprise" from June 25th- Tuesday June 30th. Sorry I need more time on it so, be patient for. (Hint: it's a adventure type)

Also: Jamesb1995 released The Never Ending Journey Collab today! Go watch it! :D

(Original link has be removed.)

EDIT 6/28/09- Jamesb had deleted the flash, since he spotted a few problem on it. But he will re-submitted soon.

EDIT2 6/28/09- Jamesb just re-sumbitted the flash collb to the portal again!

Now you may watch it! :P

Zoid out.

Last Day of School/The Art Portal

2009-06-21 21:42:43 by Zoidz

So, last Friday was the last day of school. I am surely going to miss all of my teachers, and hopefully I will have a good in the next grade as my previous grade.

Also, the Art Portal is finnaly here, and I am excited about it. I have sumbitted one of my artwork yesterday, and I am still waiting to be scouted, but hopefully I will!

Zoid out.

Important Announcement!

2009-06-05 19:59:19 by Zoidz

Coming Soon: June 25th.

Important Announcement!