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Holy Shit! Back Again!

2011-08-10 11:56:38 by Zoidz

Haha, I made this account when I was barely 12 years old. Well, I am actually 14 now and this is two years later. But, I am thinking about going back to this old account, even though I already have a new account that's already in Level 7. I only came back here because just to forgive the problems I gave to users long time ago. I didn't mean to anyway I was only 12 and immature!

Also, I'm thinking about taking off the little 'z' at the end of my name. I always wanted just "Zoid" but I was a taken inactive account. Hopefully I can get the name to be change now...

But, anyways I hope new hope will shine onto this account, that will be pleasent.


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2011-08-10 12:13:47

i turned 14 last month
I win

Zoidz responds:

I turned 14 ten months ago, so I am now the winner here! ;)


2011-09-07 12:33:39

i turned forteen about a year ago...